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Apply for your eVisa to Vietnam in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Vietnam in 3 easy steps!


What is eVisa to Vietnam ?

The countries of Southeast Asia have always been known as important tourist centers. Despite a large part of them, for a time, were in conflict, nowadays they are again open to the world, ready to become great spots for tourism. Among all the countries in Southeast Asia, there is one that stands out, and that is Vietnam. It is not a surprise, because in Vietnam we can find natural wonders (like several of the most beautiful beaches in the world, among which we can count the Ha Long Bay), huge cities full of Vietnamese culture, as well as all the ancient monuments that Even today can be visited. Certainly this is a tourist destination which must be visited at least once in a lifetime. But, like practically all its neighbors, to enter Vietnam it is necessary to apply for a visa, this being a way in which the country can take care of who enters and who leaves its borders in an efficient way.

In e-visa-application.ca we are specialists in visa applications to enter Vietnam and to mitigate your doubts about the visa to enter this beautiful country, today we will tell you everything there is to know about Evisa for Vietnam.

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Who requires eVisa to Vietnam

There are a few countries that have created a standardized visa method in which anyone who wants to enter their borders must do the same procedure. But in most cases, the requirements to enter a country will depend on the treaties that your country of origin maintains with the one you wish to visit.

In the case of Vietnam, depending on your country of origin, you must apply for a Visa on arrival or an Evisa. They do not keep much difference from each other, unless one is requested at the airport upon arrival and the other must be requested before making the trip. The vast majority of the countries of the world are eligible to carry out this procedure, so you should not worry about this. But if it is relevant that you check the list of countries that are eligible for Evisa.

How to get a eVisa to Vietnam

In the past, to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, it was necessary to visit an embassy and carry out several somewhat complicated procedures. But with the advancement of the world and technology, these obsolete methods had to change.

The tourist attractions of Vietnam have always attracted visitors, but because of how complicated it was to apply for a visa before, many had to rethink their decision before beginning the visa process. Because of that, they developed a way to apply for a visa to enter the country without visiting any embassy, and that can be done from anywhere in the world, completely online. This is done through the Evisa.

To carry out this process, it is necessary to have on hand the corresponding personal documentation, which includes the passport with at least 6 months of validity from the moment you plan to visit the country and a credit or debit card that allows you to make payments on-line. You will have to fill out a simple form and then, in a matter of hours, you will get your approved visa in your email if no mistake is made.

Benefits of using our online service

But, as every good traveler knows, making mistakes is always a possibility, especially if you are not used to the visa application process. Therefore, although this is a simple procedure, the best is to put yourself in the hands of professionals who can help you in your process, so that there is no error and that you can get your Evisa quickly. This is why our online service today is so requested, because it is a huge help for tourists who want to visit Vietnam. Some benefits of this service are the following:
  • Attention 24 / by mail if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Review, correction and help when filling out the forms to apply for a visa.
  • Translation of the pages into the language requested by the client.
  • Complete protection of all customer data.
  • Price more than reasonable for the procedure.
  • Evisa recovery in case of loss.
  • Money back in case the request is denied.
As we can see, there are many benefits of our online service. So if you are planning to visit Vietnam, we can make the procedures easier and that these do not lead to any problems.