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eTA Canada

eTA Canada - Canadian visa application

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Apply for your visa to Canada in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Canada in 3 easy steps!


What is ETA to Canada?

Few countries in the world have so many natural wonders as Canada. This country located in North America for years has been one of the most visited places in the world. And it is not for less, with wonders like the Niagara Falls, the Northern Lights, its modern cities and its large and lush forests, the maple leaf country has a lot to offer to tourists.

IBut, to enter Canada, it is necessary to request a permit first. This can be a traditional visa (in the case of some countries) or an ETA, which is an Electronic travel Authorization, that allows citizens of certain nationalities to enter the Canadian territory by making a simple procedure, very different from applying for a visa, in the traditional way.

In our website e-visa-application.ca we specialize in the application of ETA for entering Canada, making the process even easier and ensuring that there are no errors at the time of making the request, so that the trip can be happier, easier and that does not involve complications. That is why today we will tell you who needs to request an ETA, how to obtain it and the benefits of using our online service.
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eTA Canada
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Who requires an ETA Canada Visa?

Within Canada's collaboration protocols with certain countries, it is established that people of some nationalities will not need to apply for a visa to enter the country of the maple leaf. Instead, they must request an ETA, which although it is a permit that allows them to enter the country, is not a visa as such. This is demonstrated in how simple the process of requesting one is. Therefore, those who will need to apply for an ETA will be the following types of travelers:

  • Those whose country of origin is on the list of those who are exempt from visa applications to enter Canada, as long as they enter Canada by air.
  • US legal permanent residents who plan to enter Canada by air. This will not be necessary in case they wish to enter by sea or land.
  • Citizens of some countries that require a visa to enter Canada can apply for an ETA, as long as they plan to enter Canada by air. In case they wish to enter by land or sea, they must apply for a visa.

Therefore, as we can see, the ETA can be chosen by the vast majority of travelers. But it is necessary to review the list of visa-free countries to enter Canada and those that must apply for a visa.

How to get an ETA to Canada

The biggest advantage of ETA's request to enter Canada is the ease with which this procedure is performed. Since to apply for an ETA you should not visit any embassy (as it would happen with a normal visa application), but the process is done on the Internet, so that the process can be carried out from anywhere in the world without any problem.

To carry out this procedure, all that must be done is to fill out a simple online form, pay a more than reasonable fee and have a valid passport up to 6 months from entering the country. Only with this, you can request an ETA to enter Canada.

The most advisable thing is that this procedure is done with some prudent time before the departure date. This is recommended because if the country requests extra documentation, the process could take only hours to last for days or even weeks. So it is also important to try not to make mistakes during the process. That is why it is necessary the help of specialists in the field who can advise you at any time.

Benefits of using our online service

As every good traveler knows, last-minute complications can always arise, especially when we apply for a visa or authorization to enter a country. In addition, mistakes can be made due to numerous factors, therefore, using an online service like ours can be extremely beneficial for those travelers who wish that their ETA application process does not become extremely cumbersome. Among the benefits we can find when requesting our online service are the following:

  • Translation of the page into the language that is required by the client and that, in this way, the data request process and the process of filling the ETA request form can be facilitated.
  • Review of the processes so that, in case of missing some type of information or in case that the adequate information has not been provided somewhere, this can be corrected so that it is corrected before sending the request and that this does not present problems in the ETA process.
  • Data protection and 24/7 support service, so that if any eventuality arises, you can always count on our help. As you can see, there are many benefits that our online application service saves. Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling to Canada, you should opt for a specialized service that simplifies the procedures.