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Apply for your visa to Sri Lanka in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Sri Lanka in 3 easy steps!


What is eTa for Sri Lanka?

Electronic Travel Authorization to Sri Lanka

Formerly called Ceylon, Sri Lanka is a country in the Gulf of Bengal with an incredible history. Ceylon was for many years an important commercial route thanks to its generous production of items such as coffee, rubber and coconut. But today it is a world-famous tourist destination, thanks to its natural beauties as well as all the ancient monuments that stand on its lands. Paradise beaches that could not be found anywhere else and rainforests that would leave anyone with their mouths open are just some wonders of this place.

Being Sri Lanka a tourist destination so requested because of all the incredible options offered to tourists, it became necessary to implement a new visa system, since the traditional one was very cumbersome and had become obsolete. This is why the ETA was created, which is an Electronic Travel Authorization. This can be requested in a simple way and helps to promulgate tourism.

In we specialize in the application of ETA to enter Ceylon. That is why today we will tell you everything you need to know to make this request with us and all the benefits that this entails.

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eVisa Sri Lanka
visa Sri Lanka

Who requires an ETA for Sri Lanka?

Since 2012, all those who wish to remain in the country for short periods of time must request an ETA. This is the way in which the visa application process has been simplified so that it is simple and cannot become an obstacle for anyone. All ETAs, initially, are valid for 30 days, so they can be extended for up to six months.

The categories to enter Ceylon with an ETA can be:
For tourism: tourist or vacation visits, visits to friends or family, medical treatments, or cultural or sports visits. For business: business meetings, conferences or workshops, religious events, symposiums or lucrative events that involve art, music and dance. Citizens of most countries in the world must request an ETA before entering Ceylon. Only citizens of Singapore or the Republic of the Maldives are exempt from requesting an ETA when it comes to short visits of only 30 days.

How to get an ETA for Sri Lanka

This is the simplest part. This is because ETA was a system created precisely to simplify the process of requesting permission to enter the country. Therefore, the process of applying for ETA is much simpler than it could be a visa application made in the traditional way, having to visit an embassy.

To carry out the process you need to have a passport, a credit or debit card and the relevant personal data at hand. A simple online form must be filled out, a reasonable fee must be paid and then the form is sent. In very few cases visas are denied, but in most cases this is a simple common procedure, as long as it is done well. And, in case it is required, during the process they can ask for more information.

Therefore, when performing this type of paperwork, it is necessary to do it together with a professional specialized in requesting ETA for Ceylon, so that at the time of filling out the form there is no error and that at no time there is confusion. As in many countries in Asia, ETA's request to visit Sri Lanka can sometimes be a bit confusing for some travelers (although it is an easier process than it was before) therefore it is necessary to have the help of an expert at the time of making this request.

Benefits of using our online service

We know how necessary it is to have a service that allows you to make the request of the ETA in the best way, that is fast and that at no time mistakes are made, so that this process is always simple and does not become somewhat cumbersome. Some benefits of using our online service are the following:
  • Customer service by email 24/7, so that if there is any doubt or problem, it can be resolved.
  • Translation of the pages into the language requested by the client, thus facilitating the process and ensuring that there are no errors when filling out the form.
  • Expert review of the completed forms and correction in case there is an error, because otherwise, a process that lasts only a few hours could take even days.
  • Simplification of the application process.
  • Total data protection for customers, so they feel safe while performing the process.
  • Recovery of the ETA in case of a loss.
  • Total money back in case the application is denied.

So, as you can see, there are many benefits of our online service. So if you are planning to travel to Ceylon, we can make your ETA request much simpler and happier, so you don't have any problems during your trip.